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Broadband & Internet

Broadband & Internet

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Fibre Broadband

London’s widest choice of business broadband speeds from the #1 Internet Service Provider.

Unlimited data | Symmetrical speed | 100% Full fibre | Available in 32 London boroughs

150 Mbps

Upload / Download


£63 /monthly

Perfect for bussines using cloud based apps and storage.

400 Mbps​

Upload / Download


£108 /monthly

Great for growing businesses with multiple users of cloud based apps, storage and digital services such as video calling.

1 Gbps

Upload / Download


£270 /monthly

Ideal for businesses with heavy users of bandwidth, cloud-based apps, downloads and storage.

5 Gbps

Upload / Download


£335 /monthly

Excellent for businesses looking for a leased line replacement with gigabit speeds at a significantly reduced cost.

10 Gbps

Upload / Download


£722 /monthly

Ultimate for high data transfer requirements, large teams using data heavy apps and provides the fastest speed available on the market.


Prioritised Business Support

Target fix time for Community Fibre network outages is 8hrs backed up with our mobile assurance at 4hrs our target to fix any issue is 8 hours, if we can’t fix your issue within 4 business hours, we will provide a broadband failure backup solution to keep you online.

Money back guarantee – if we don’t fix your service within 48 business hours then we will credit you one week for each day after this you don’t have service from your next month’s bill (limited to one credit per issue or associated series of issues)

Same download and upload speeds

Unlimited data

100% full fibre broadband

1 static IP address included (option to buy more)

99.9% up-time reliability. Business SLAs & service guarantees

Broadband failure backup (4G mobile WiFi solution)


FTTP Broadband

We work with all telecom companies in the United Kingdom, we can provide you with broadband service from BT, Talktalk, Vodafone, Openreach, and Neos Network companies.

Fibre to the Premises

The race to Single Order, full fibre connectivity is already underway as Openreach and other FTTP providers expand the UK coverage network. Openreach have now announced over 118 exchanges for the FTTP rollout, as well as the Stop Sell of copper-based products. The current Openreach coverage for FTTP is approximately 3.5 million premises.
FTTP is a full fibre solution which offers download speeds of up to 1Gbps, making it the fastest broadband product available to the market. Enabling users to perform multiple online activities, all at once without experiencing slowdowns, FTTP is the most reliable broadband technology. Unlike copper-based technology, FTTP does not inherit signal loss due to distance or any environmental changes, such as degradation and noise interference, which can impact the performance of the broadband service.

FTTP Key features & benefits:

FTTP 40/10 Mbps

£32 /monthly

FTTP 80/20 Mbps

£33 /monthly

FTTP 115/20 Mbps

£35 /monthly

FTTP 160/30 Mbps

£38 /monthly

FTTP220/30 Mbps

£45 /monthly

FTTP 330/50 Mbps

£50 /monthly

FTTP 550/75 Mbps

£65 /monthly

FTTP 1000/115 Mbps

£95 /monthly


FTTC SOGEA Broadband

We work with all telecom companies in the United Kingdom, we can provide you with broadband service from BT, Talktalk, Vodafone, Openreach, and Neos Network companies.

Single Order Connectivity is here

In the biggest change to telecommunications in 30 years, PSTN and ISDN services will be switched off by December 2025. This means that connectivity will no longer be supported by traditional copper telephone lines. The future is data only, Single Order broadband such as SOGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.

What is SOGEA?

Features and benefits:

FTTC SoGEA Broadband


month + VAT