Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services


Not getting what you need from your IT systems? Worried about cyber threats, technology inefficiencies, wasted opportunities and recurring faults? Discover flexible and scalable IT solutions that promise cost-effective answers to your IT problems. Optimising IT handles your IT for you. We take the pain away from managing IT systems. You can focus on your business ambitions while we take care of the rest. Perfect for businesses who need fully managed IT services. Industry-leading support from award-winning experts. Co-sourced support is available for in-house IT teams that need extra help! Optimising IT offers the best value managed IT services on the market. From fully outsourced IT services to single-service packages like helpdesk support or software procurement, our experts have what you need.

We’re the leading provider of IT Support Services in the UK.

CLI Secure provide the perfect infrastructure management.

In our IT Helpdesk services, we provide remote support, on-site it support, 24/7 monitoring service, pay as you go, and flexible IT support.

Help desk support is a broad term that refers to the support provided to customers by a team of technical support specialists. Help desk support can cover a wide range of technical issues and problems, and may be provided by phone, email, or through an online support portal.

Desktop support, on the other hand, is a specific type of technical support that focuses on providing support for desktop computers and related hardware and software.

An IT help desk typically operates by providing a central point of contact for users who are experiencing issues or problems with technology products or services. Customers can contact the IT help desk by phone, email, or through an online support portal to request assistance.

When a customer contacts the IT help desk, a support specialist will typically ask for details about the issue or problem being experienced, and will use this information to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue.

An IT helpdesk is a team of technical support specialists who provide assistance to users of technology products, such as computers, software, and other electronic or mechanical goods. The main goal of an IT helpdesk is to help users resolve issues or problems they are experiencing with a product or service, and to provide technical assistance and guidance as needed.

There are several advantages to using a service desk to provide support to customers or users of a product or service. These include:

Improved efficiency: Service desks are designed to handle a wide range of customer inquiries and requests, and can help streamline the support process by routing inquiries to the appropriate department or specialist. This can help improve the efficiency of the support process and reduce the time it takes to resolve issues and problems.

Improved customer satisfaction: Service desks can help improve customer satisfaction by providing a single point of contact for all customer inquiries and requests, and by ensuring that these inquiries are handled efficiently and effectively.

Reduced costs: Service desks can help reduce the overall cost of providing support to customers by centralizing and streamlining the support process, and by reducing the need for multiple support channels.

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