IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

Network Infrastructure

It is an important issue to be permanent and leave a trace in the business world that is developing and growing day by day. Therefore, following and keeping up with the digital transformation is the most important key.

Network infrastructure service is a very important part of the continuity of modern business operations in today's developing technology. Network infrastructure services have many functions. It is one of the most fundamental factors in defining software applications and hardware devices. Network infrastructure services enables businesses and individuals to use certain technologies.

One of the most basic requirements of the network infrastructure is to ensure the most efficient operation of IT infrastructure support. And a quality of network infrastructure services is important for the efficiency of IT infrastructure. If you are an IT infrastructure owner, a professional infrastructure support is very important for the efficient operation of the infrastructure and problem solutions.

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Infrastructure Management Services

Network infrastructure service is a very important part of the continuity of modern business operations in today’s developing technology.

Hardware IT Infrastructure solutions tools consists of servers, data centers, personal computers, routers, switches, hubs, devices etc. We also attach great importance to working with the most reliable and professional vendors because solid hardware is essential for the business to have a solid foundation.We provide the most efficient and effective hardware solutions for you at an affordable price. It is very critical to choose the right products in product purchases that you will make on a project basis. For example, firewalls are the most important defence mechanism of your company. Our security consultants in our company will manage your firewall system from every aspect and monitor the firewall. While all this is going on, you will have the opportunity to benefit from our most advantageous prices in regular purchases.

As a partner of many companies at every scale, we can help you choose the right product.

Flexible and Contracted IT Support for Your Business

IT infrastructure support can be referred to as a savior for companies to stand out in today's business world. In line with the needs and achievements of today's business world, every business need IT infrastructure support, regardless of working time and place.

In this sense, a complete IT support service is important for your company's current and future needs.

You may want to take advantage of network infrastructure services, and IT infrastructure support where we will provide the most suitable solutions. We provide the most appropriate support for companies of all capacities and requirements. Our professional team is here to provide technical support, to solve existing technical problems with flexible solutions, and for any IT infrastructure support you need.

Right Address for Your IT Needs

We mentioned that it is important to get an IT infrastructure support when using a network infrastructure services. Let's take a brief and clear look at why we are the right address for your IT infrastructure support.

  • Flexible support
  • Suitable solutions
  • Good prices we provide on regular IT purchases
  • Highest quality
  • Installation from scratch
  • Any additional technical support
  • Professional approach

We know that technology provides many conveniences and gains to both in-house, individual and operational work.

IT infrastructure services are a great technology that will positively affect the development, organization, and future of your business. The operation of this system is done in the most general way, provided that allows the connection between two machines.

IT infrastructure solutions have been the reason why some global and big companies have developed so much. (such as Fortinet, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, Aruba, Grandstrea, Drytek, Netgear etc...)

The most important role of infrastructure is that it is the most basic structure that supports an organisation or system. Supports Information Technology infrastructure. Data storage, processing and flow are one of the most important roles of infrastructure.

The quality of IT services is very important for the high performance of your business. To keep the quality of IT services high, it is very important to benefit from a good IT service. As an example of 7 basic IT services that we can provide will meet the needs of especially your small or medium-sized businesses:

  • Cloud Services
  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery
  • Help Desk Support
  • Network Security
  • Computer Training
  • Managed Print Services
  • IT consulting


The type that consists of the usual hardware and software components is called traditional infrastructure. It consists of hardware and software components. Such as data centres, servers, facilities, network hardware desktops, and enterprise application software solutions. Traditional infrastructure is often built for on-premises use and requires extra physical effort, money, and physical space to install.

Cloud Infrastructure

It is like the traditional infrastructure. But in the cloud infrastructure, users can access the infrastructure by using the virtualization method and computing resources without on-premises installation.

Since the cloud infrastructure is generally open to everyone, it is named like this. With the virtualization method, the physical servers provided by the service provider are connected to each other in any location. Storage resources are made accessible to every user if they have an internet connection.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

With this type of infrastructure, data storage, computing and network resources can be managed from a single interface. information storage and software-defined processing come together. thus, more modern workloads are supported even on more scalable architectures.

Network infrastructure services allow users to transfer data seamlessly and seamlessly between computers and subnets. We can examine the network infrastructure service components in 3 categories.

Network Hardware, consist of elements such as physical servers and switches and routers. These are just a few examples of network hardware and there are many other important components. Access points, cables and network cards are also parts of network hardware.

Network Software, run on specialized hardware and commodity servers. Providing security measures is also an important pillar of hardware.

Network Services is the final component of network infrastructure that comes in software form.

Network software operates on traffic from other parts of the network and is somewhat independent. Network services, on the other hand, use a client-server and only respond to traffic in its own direction.

A DNS server is an example of a network service.

Regardless of whether it is simple home installations or the installation of complex networks, all network infrastructure services must contain these 3 basic components.

IT infrastructure is a system that processes the flow and, analysis, processing, and storage of the additional data in the computing system. IT infrastructure system supports the infrastructure of information technology. IT infrastructure can be both centralized and decentralized. Also, it can spread to several data centres by being controlled by a third party.

When using IT infrastructure, you will come across a list of problems and needs. We are here to answer all your requests about IT infrastructure support.

Our IT infrastructure support deals with technical and potential problems in your IT infrastructure system that may hinder the workflow. The IT infrastructure support we will provide increases with the productivity of your company by maximizing infrastructure efficiency.

Network infrastructure services are like IT infrastructure and are an essential part of IT infrastructure. Even if they mean the same thing sometimes, there are some subtle differences between them.

IT infrastructure is generally a broader term than network infrastructure services and describes information technology elements. We talked about the critical importance and benefits of IT infrastructure for a company. Network infrastructure services are of undeniable importance for the efficiency of IT infrastructure. A fast and reliable network infrastructure service will ensure that the IT infrastructure works in the most smooth and efficient way. Without a solid network infrastructure service, efficient use of all IT components, including software and hardware, will not be possible.

Quality IT infrastructure support has many roles. IT infrastructure support reduces outages and increases company productivity.

Also, root causes are analyzed and the repetition of possible glitches is reduced. In addition, it accelerates the approval planning and implementation processes in the IT infrastructure support workflow.

Security is one of the most important pillars of this business. An efficient IT infrastructure support, which you will receive assistance from, ensures licensing compliance and allows you to avoid security vulnerabilities at the maximum level.

In all the services you will receive from our company, we attach importance to all these and many other factors. Professional support is very important to us in order to provide the most efficient support to your IT infrastructure.

The components of the IT infrastructure are made up of many different elements that are interconnected. IT infrastructure has 3 main component groups. These are hardware and software and network. Hardware can be expressed as an operating system used to ensure functioning. this enables the management of operating system hardware and other resources of the system.

In addition, this operating system uses network components and provides the link between software applications and physical resources.

Hardware components include components such as hubs, routers, switches, facilities, desktop computers, data centres, and servers.

Software components consist of many components such as customer relationship management (CRM) enterprise resource planning (ERP), web servers, operating systems, and Content management systems (CMS).

Facilities support data centres, servers, and network hardware. Network cables in office buildings to interconnect the components of an IT infrastructure are also in the facilities group.

Also, networks consist of hub switches, servers and routers. Switches allow network devices to connect to local area networks (LANs), such as routers, servers, and other switches. Communication between different area networks happens thanks to routers. Hubs, on the other hand, connect many network devices and create a single component.

One of the basic components of a corporate infrastructure is the server. Thanks to servers, users can access and share basic resources.

Server rooms, which are the last component of hardware, are the core of most of hub-based networks. They allow more than one server to be hosted in these rooms.

The last component, the network, contains all hardware and software components required for internet access, internet activation and security.

A network is essential for external and internal communication between all devices, even if it is not essential for the operation of the IT infrastructure.

Also, it provides restricted access points and tries to reduce the risk of damage and data theft.

There are usually a number of steps followed to create an IT infrastructure. For this reason, an analysis is made about the business objectives first. Design and architecture are shaped towards business goals in the organization. In general, data center building design includes the selection of subsystem and components, quality construction techniques. Infrastructure support is optimized by paying attention to detailed expertise.

Even though this is generally how it works in traditional IT Infrastructure support, the way infrastructures are created can vary today. Traditional heterogeneous infrastructure work is a manual process that requires advanced optimization and integration. In particular, many different components such as servers, network, storage, obtained from different vendors are integrated into each

In another approach, called composite infrastructure (CI), some vendors offer a collection that can extend and route IT hardware and optimize it on a system.

By offering this previously integrated and optimized system computing storage and network equipment, this concept has moved towards a single-vendor system. because with this method, a tighter integration process is seen over the computing storage virtualization and network. This advanced approach is called hyper-composite infrastructure (HPI).

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