Fortinet FortiGate 101E Hardware Plus 24×7 FortiGuard UTP Bundle


22 x GE RJ45 ports (including 2 x WAN ports, 1 x DMZ port, 1 x Mgmt port, 2 x HA ports, 16 x switch ports with 4 SFP port shared media), 4 SFP ports, 2x 10G SFP+ FortiLinks, dual power supplies redundancy. Max managed FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel) 128 / 64

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The Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution delivers end-to-end network security with one platform, one network security operating system and unified policy management with a single pane of glass — for the industry’s best protection against the most advanced security threats and targeted attacks.

The FortiGate 100F has the below interfaces and storage, please see the datasheet tab for full details:

22 x GE RJ45 ports (including 2 x WAN ports, 1 x DMZ port, 1 x Mgmt port, 2 x HA ports, 16 x switch ports with 4 SFP port shared media), 4 SFP ports, 2x 10G SFP+ FortiLinks, dual power supplies redundancy. Max managed FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel) 128 / 64

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