HYAS: Protective DNS

CLI Secure and HYAS: A Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Cybersecurity

CLI Secure is proud to partner with HYAS, a leader in threat intelligence and protective DNS services. This collaboration enables us to offer HYAS Protect, an easy-to-deploy solution that blocks malicious and inappropriate web activity, effectively preventing ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats. With HYAS Protect, our clients benefit from immediate, top-tier threat defense, ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber risks.

Together, CLI Secure and HYAS provide comprehensive, advanced cybersecurity solutions, enhancing our ability to safeguard businesses and maintain operational security through powerful protective DNS.

Hyas Protective DNS

Superior Protective DNS Through Our Partnership with HYAS

Our partnership with HYAS brings you an award-winning protective DNS solution that intercepts cyber threats before they reach your network or endpoints. Independent tests have shown that HYAS Protect delivers superior defense against a wide range of attacks, including DNS attacks.

Protect Employees and Disrupt Cyber Attacks

In partnership with HYAS, CLI Secure offers HYAS Protect, an advanced protective DNS solution. As phishing and malware threats are inevitable, HYAS Protect inspects all DNS transactions, preventing attacks like phishing, ransomware, and other threats before they can cause harm, ensuring a secure network environment for your employees.

Set Content Filtering Policies to Reduce Risk

In partnership with HYAS, CLI Secure offers HYAS Protect, enabling you to set content filtering policies swiftly. Employee access to distracting or inappropriate websites not only hampers productivity but also introduces risks to the organization. With HYAS Protect, you can block access to undesirable sites in seconds, reducing risk and enhancing workplace productivity.

Visualize, Understand, & Mitigate Cyber Risk

Through our partnership with HYAS, CLI Secure offers HYAS Protect, which blocks malicious and inappropriate content by examining DNS transactions. This solution aggregates activity to help you identify patterns, understand risks, and focus on building organizational resiliency.

Why Choose CLI Secure for HYAS Protect

By choosing CLI Secure, you leverage the strengths of HYAS Protect combined with our expertise and commitment to delivering the highest level of security for your organization.

Expert Partnership

Our collaboration with HYAS, a leader in threat intelligence and protective DNS, ensures you benefit from state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Protection

HYAS Protect blocks malicious and inappropriate web activity, preventing ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats before they reach your network or endpoints.

Easy Deployment

HYAS Protect is designed for rapid deployment, offering immediate integration into your existing security infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Advanced Threat Detection

By inspecting all DNS transactions, HYAS Protect effectively identifies and blocks threats at the DNS level, providing robust defense against sophisticated cyber attacks.

Protective DNS Targets the Attacker’s Weaknesses

Modern attack surfaces are porous and complex. When an attacker gains a foothold in a network, they must communicate over the internet to receive instructions, which is their Achilles heel. HYAS Protect, offered through our partnership with HYAS, targets, detects, and stops these threats by recognizing and blocking this critical communication before any damage can be done. CLI Secure empowers your security teams with the tools to intercept and neutralize threats at this vulnerable point, ensuring robust protection for your network.

Rapid Deployment to Any IT Environment

Through our partnership with HYAS, CLI Secure offers HYAS Protect, a solution that can be deployed in minutes by simply reconfiguring your organization’s DNS service, eliminating the need for installing agents or sensors. HYAS Protect also supports various deployment options to accommodate diverse endpoint and network configurations and integrates seamlessly with existing network security solutions. Additionally, you can combine deployment methods to meet the specific needs of almost any organization, ensuring a flexible and effective security implementation.

Rapid Deployment for HYAS Protect
Integrations for HYAS Protect

Maximize Your Existing Security Investments

Partnering with HYAS, CLI Secure offers HYAS Protect, which significantly enhances threat detection and visibility for organizations with existing EDR solutions. HYAS Protect seamlessly integrates with popular SIEM, SOAR, and other security tools, allowing you to continue using the platforms you are familiar with while boosting your overall security posture. This integration maximizes the value of your current security investments, providing a comprehensive and enhanced threat detection capability.


Enhancing Security Within the Network Perimeter

The HYAS Protect Relay, in partnership with CLI Secure, extends the power of HYAS’s cloud-based protective DNS services into your network. This advanced capability offers a robust DNS service that can flexibly direct traffic according to your organization’s specific security requirements.