Mirket Security Partner

Identity Protection Reimagined with Mirket

As a proud partner of Mirket Security, CLI Secure collaborates to enhance identity protection through the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provided by Mirket.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Mirket Security revolutionizes identity protection by transitioning from a reactive defense to a proactive safeguard.

Our combined AI-driven systems are constantly learning, adapting, and evolving to stay ahead of the dynamic nature of cyber threats. Through the analysis of patterns, anticipation of potential risks, and taking preemptive measures, our partnership delivers unmatched protection.

Mirket's Products

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensure that all users are verified through MFA

Self Service Portal

User Empowerment, Simplified Security

Single Sign-On

Centralized identity management for streamlined access.

AI-Driven Threat Protection

Stay ahead with proactive detection and response.

Password-less Authentication

Dive into the future of secure, hassle-free login experiences.

Multi Factor Authentication

At CLI Secure, in partnership with Mirket Security, we understand that hackers often opt to compromise passwords rather than exploit vulnerabilities.

This strategy is favored because acquiring passwords is not only simpler but also enables them to function within the confines of legitimate accounts, making it easier to circumvent security measures.

This insight underscores the crucial role of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a core component of our collaborative efforts to fortify identity protection.

MSSP & More: Tailored Solutions

At CLI Secure, in partnership with Mirket Security, we invite you to leverage our cloud-based security suite, which includes Multi-Factor Authentication, Self-Service Portal, IAM, Identity Threat Protection, and Passwordless Authentication, now enhanced with a special feature for MSSP partners.

Administer all your clients from a single portal, offering customized, cutting-edge protection tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our solution delivers a streamlined, centralized experience, guaranteeing top-tier security throughout your digital environment.

Identity Protection through AI

At CLI Secure, in collaboration with Mirket Security, we present Mentis, our specialized Threat Protection module that stands as a cornerstone of advanced identity protection in the digital world. Utilizing the capabilities of machine learning, deception techniques, and integration with Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) data, Mentis goes beyond simple detection. It offers a thorough analysis of identity-related security events.

Mentis meticulously investigates each incident, analyzing how it aligns with patterns typically associated with identity theft or compromise. Empowered by artificial intelligence, our platform scrutinizes user and entity behavior patterns, assigning a range of threat and accuracy scores.

This detailed categorization is crucial, allowing organizations to identify and prioritize potential identity threats quickly. With Mentis, your approach to security shifts from merely reactive to proactively safeguarding identities, ensuring that the integrity and confidentiality of user data remain secure.


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