Fibre Broadband

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Fibre Broadband

London’s widest choice of business broadband speeds from the #1 Internet Service Provider.

Unlimited data | Symmetrical speed | 100% Full fibre | Available in 32 London boroughs

Our network is exclusively built with fibre optic cable, which sets us apart from our competitors who still use copper. This means that we offer full fibre connectivity (FTTP) as opposed to Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC), which only reaches the street or basement. With our fibre reaching all the way into your customers’ premises, they can enjoy unparalleled speeds and reliability that others can only wish for.

FTTP Broadband Price List

Get ready for the future with lightning-fast FTTP broadband!
150 Mbps


monthly + VAT
400 Mbps​


monthly + VAT
1 Gbps


monthly + VAT
5 Gbps


monthly + VAT
10 Gbps


monthly + VAT

Unleash the Power of Full Fibre Broadband for Blazing Fast Internet Speeds.

To upgrade to extremely fast Fibre broadband, it’s important to check if this technology covers your area. Check your address coverage!

Ultra-fast, symmetrical speeds and extremely low latency.

A Full Fibre connection straight to your business allows for symmetrical and gigabit-capable upload and download speeds, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and productivity. Our network is not limited by copper, as seen in other ‘fibre’ broadband services, so the capacity is practically unlimited.

In addition to the high speeds and limitless capacity, Full Fibre connections also provide more reliable connectivity. As there are no copper wires to degrade or interfere with the signal, the connection is less prone to interruptions and dropouts. This means that businesses can rely on their internet connection to stay connected and productive throughout the day.

Prioritised Business Support

Our Fibre broadband network is committed to a target fix time of 8 hours for any outages, and we offer additional mobile assurance to address issues within 4 hours. If we are unable to resolve the problem within the 4-hour timeframe, we will offer you a temporary broadband failure backup solution to ensure that you stay connected online.

Our company offers a guarantee that if we fail to repair your service within 24 business hours, you will receive a credit on your next month’s bill. This credit will be equivalent to one week for each day that your service was not working after the initial 24-hour period. However, please note that this guarantee is limited to one credit per issue or a series of associated issues.

Same download and upload speeds

100% full fibre broadband

1 static IP address

Unlimited data

Named account manager

Prioritised business support from our UK support team

99.9% up-time reliability. Business SLAs & service guarantees

Broadband failure backup (4G mobile WiFi solution)


Most Popular Questions

Our full fibre broadband connection is not a typical leased line service, but it offers superior speeds compared to leased lines and is available at a much lower cost.

We charge a small connection fee as well as a monthly rental fee for our packages. The connection charge is £300 for a 12-month package and £200 for a 24 or 36-month package. However, we don’t impose any additional fees for construction or excessive building charges.

Certainly, as part of our standard package price, we offer one static Internet Protocol (IP) address. In case you require additional IP addresses, you can purchase them as per your needs.
Our standard package does not include a router, but if you need one, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.
Certainly. You have the option to upgrade your package at any point without requiring new equipment. Our objective is to implement all upgrades that support up to 1 Gbps within 48 hours.
Sure, I can help with that. To request a mid-contract upgrade, please reach out to your designated account manager or get in touch with our Customer Service team during business hours from Monday to Friday (8am – 10pm) and on weekends (9am – 7pm).
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