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Unlock the power of SIP Trunking to revolutionize your business communication. Say goodbye to outdated phone lines and hello to cost-effective, scalable, and crystal-clear voice services. Our SIP Trunking service connects your business to the future of communication. Discover seamless connectivity and unprecedented savings – get started today!

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Inbound/Outbound SIP Trunking

Experience seamless communication with our Inbound and Outbound SIP Trunking services. Connect your PBX or IP devices to the world, receive and make calls from anywhere, and enjoy cost savings with our scalable and reliable solution. Elevate your customer service, global reach, and cost-efficiency effortlessly, as we transform the way you communicate.



At CLI Secure, we take pride in offering top-tier Inbound SIP Trunking services designed to transform the way your business handles incoming calls. Our service is your gateway to enhanced communication, cost efficiency, and unparalleled flexibility.



At CLI Secure, we specialize in delivering high-quality Outbound SIP Trunking services designed to enhance your business communication. Our service offers a seamless, cost-effective, and flexible solution for making outbound calls with unparalleled clarity and reliability.

Guaranteed Uptime

Count on constant connectivity with our unmatched Guaranteed Uptime of 99.99%. We ensure that your business communication is virtually always available, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

VoIP Routing

Optimize your call routing with our VoIP Routing service. Our intelligent system directs your calls efficiently, reducing costs and enhancing call quality for a seamless and dependable communication experience.

Fraud Monitoring

At CLI Secure, we specialize in delivering high-quality Outbound SIP Trunking services designed to enhance your business communication. Our service offers a seamless, cost-effective, and flexible solution for making outbound calls with unparalleled clarity and reliability.


At CLI Secure, we take pride in offering unbeatable prices that set us apart from the competition. We believe in providing exceptional services without breaking the bank. With our cost-effective solutions, you can achieve your communication goals without compromising your budget. Experience quality and affordability like never before with CLI Secure.

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Benefits of SIP Trunking with
CLI Secure

Cost Savings

Experience significant cost savings with our services, ensuring a more efficient allocation of your resources.

Trunk Aggregation

Streamline your communication infrastructure through trunk aggregation, optimizing your network for enhanced performance.


Our services offer unmatched flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing business needs and market dynamics effortlessly.

Simplified Billing

Say goodbye to complex billing structures. We provide straightforward, transparent billing, making your financial management a breeze.


Scale your communication resources as your business grows, ensuring you’re always equipped to meet increasing demands

Team Productivity

Empower your team with tools and services that boost productivity, enabling them to achieve more in less time.

International Rates

View all International rates
AlgeriaLandlineMobile21321360.106 p0.5748 p
AndorraLandlineMobile3763763, 3764, 3765, 37660.03925 p0.1604 p
AngolaLandlineMobile24424490.0775 p0.161733333 p
AnguillaLandlineMobile126412645360.183733333 p0.2192 p
Antigua and BarbudaLandlineMobile126812684640.2315 p0.2336 p
ArgentinaLandlineMobile54541120000.0460 p0.0680 p
ArmeniaLandlineMobile374374410.2013 p0.2204 p
ArubaLandlineMobile297297560.1600 p0.1755 p
AustraliaLandlineMobile61614, 61140.0245 p0.0268 p
AustriaLandlineMobile43436510.0300 p0.0245 p
AzerbaijanLandlineMobile994994400.2656 p0.275 p
BahamasLandlineMobile124212423570.2213 p0.22 p
BahrainLandlineMobile97397330.18075 p0.2165 p
BangladeshLandlineMobile88088010.0455 p0.042 p
BarbadosLandlineMobile124612464460.19253 p0.192533333 p
BelgiumLandlineMobile3232460.025 p0.0245 p
BelizeLandlineMobile50150160.2 p0.206 p
BeninLandlineMobile22922990.3076 p0.3076 p
BhutanLandlineMobile97597517, 975770.09475 p0.098 p
BotswanaLandlineMobile26726770.17093 p0.2428 p
BrazilLandlineMobile5555116, 55117, 5511x0.013 p0.0285 p
Brunei DarussalamLandlineMobile6736738, 6739, 673770.063 p0.063 p
BulgariaLandlineMobile359359480.02975 p0.15525 p
Burkina FasoLandlineMobile226226680.374266667 p0.239066667 p
CambodiaLandlineMobile85585510.09725 p0.09725 p
CameroonLandlineMobile23723760.172 p0.288 p
Cape VerdeLandlineMobile238238180.1796 p0.25267 p
Cayman IslandsLandlineMobile134513452290.21 p0.1631 p
ChadLandlineMobile23523530.4548 p0.4548 p
ChileLandlineMobile565690.04 p0.0205 p
ColombiaLandlineMobile575730.0215 p0.023 p
ComorosLandlineMobile26926930.4028 p0.486 p
CongoLandlineMobile242242010,3769 p0.51 p
Costa RicaLandlineMobile50650650, 50657, 50680.031 p0.084 p
Cote D'IvoireLandlineMobile22522550.306 p0.281 p
CroatiaLandlineMobile3853859x0.023 p0.025 p
CyprusLandlineMobile35712357940.026 p0.028 p
Czech RepublicLandlineMobile4204206010.029 p0.024 p
DenmarkLandlineMobile45452000.038 p0.036 p
DjiboutiLandlineMobile253253x0.287 p0.287 p
DominicaLandlineMobile176717672250.177 p0.177 p
Dominican RepublicLandlineMobile180918092010.058 p0.161 p
EcuadorLandlineMobile593593220020.228 p0.228 p
EgyptLandlineMobile2020150.142 p0.203 p
El SalvadorLandlineMobile50350321320.187 p0.126 p
EritreaLandlineMobile29129170.208 p0.201 p
EstoniaLandlineMobile37237250.025 p0.032 p
FijiLandlineMobile679679700.242 p0.242 p
FinlandLandlineMobile35835840.016 p0.027 p
FranceLandlineMobile333360.013 p0.041 p
French GuianaLandlineMobile5945946940.038 p0.152 p
French PolynesiaLandlineMobile68968920.230 p0.230 p
GabonLandlineMobile241241030.382 p0.376 p
GambiaLandlineMobile22022030.393 p0.394 p
GeorgiaLandlineMobile9959955140.267 p0.267 p
GermanyLandlineMobile4949150.009 p0.022 p
GhanaLandlineMobile233233230.196 p0.225 p
GibraltarLandlineMobile35035050.0493 p0.227 p
GreeceLandlineMobile3030690.027 p0.022 p
GreenlandLandlineMobile29929950.093 p0.093 p
GrenadaLandlineMobile147314734030.213 p0.1988 p
GuadeloupeLandlineMobile5905906900.037 p0.129 p
GuatemalaLandlineMobile50250230.140 p0.144 p
GuyanaLandlineMobile59259260.217 p0.216 p
HondurasLandlineMobile50450430.230 p0.158 p
Hong KongLandlineMobile852852170.059 p0.059 p
HungaryLandlineMobile3636200.021 p0.021 p
IcelandLandlineMobile3543543800.048 p0.029 p
IndiaLandlineMobile9191700.030 p0.030 p
IndonesiaLandlineMobile626280.054 p0.067 p
IrelandLandlineMobile35335380.0175 p0.023 p
IsraelLandlineMobile9729721510.041 p0.138 p
ItalyLandlineMobile393930.012 p0.028 p
JamaicaLandlineMobile165818762100.222 p0.220 p
JapanLandlineMobile8181500.045 p0.035 p
JordanLandlineMobile96296270.150 p0.154 p
KazakhstanLandlineMobile7777000.094 p0.177 p
KenyaLandlineMobile25425470.196 p0.177 p
KiribatiLandlineMobile6866860.670 p0.670 p
Korea, Republic ofLandlineMobile8282700.035 p0.035 p
KuwaitLandlineMobile96596550.068 p0.062 p
KyrgyzstanLandlineMobile9969962000.164 p0.184 p
Lao People's Democratic RepublicLandlineMobile856856200.117 p0.117 p
LatviaLandlineMobile37137120.023 p0.023 p
LesothoLandlineMobile26626650.353 p0.403 p
LiberiaLandlineMobile231231550.354 p0.354 p


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