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CLI Secure, a proud partner of SentinelOne, brings you cutting-edge Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services powered by SentinelOne’s industry-leading technology. We provide expert consultation and implementation of SentinelOne products, designed to fortify your cybersecurity defenses and enhance your operational resilience. Explore the future of endpoint protection with us and ensure your enterprise stays secure against the most sophisticated threats.

SentinelOne's Comprehensive Security Solutions

AI-Driven Technology

SentinelOne's Singularity platform utilizes advanced machine learning and AI to deliver autonomous, real-time threat prevention, detection, and response across all endpoints and cloud workloads.

Full Visibility and Control

Get complete oversight over your digital environment with detailed, actionable insights that allow for prompt and effective decision-making.

Automated Response

Minimize incident response times with automated processes that neutralize threats before they can cause harm, ensuring your operations continue unhindered.

Distributed Agents

SentinelOne's unique behavioral AI extends across all connected devices, providing a cohesive and coordinated defense strategy that autonomously responds to threats.

Real-Time Threat Mitigation

Detect and counteract malicious activities instantly, thanks to fast-processing AI that reduces system exposure and vulnerability

Contextual Analysis

Understand the "story" behind each threat with correlated event data that spans back weeks or even years, all compiled in an intuitive, visual format.

Enhanced Investigative Capabilities

Accelerate your threat investigation processes with comprehensive narrative threads that simplify complex data, making it easier for analysts to act swiftly and accurately.

How It Works?

A more effective cybersecurity strategy is achievable. Originating from its roots in top-tier EDR, the Singularity XDR platform is crafted considering the analyst’s needs, providing enhanced data, more efficient workflows, and stronger tools throughout every phase of the threat lifecycle.


Enhance native endpoint, cloud, and identity telemetry by integrating any third-party data.


Enhance native endpoint, cloud, and identity telemetry by integrating any third-party data.


Monitor, pursue, and examine data from any source all within a single console.


Optimize operations through tailored detections and automated responses.


Execute coordinated, informed actions on threats at any point in your technology stack.

Why Partner with CLI Secure for SentinelOne Solutions?

Choosing CLI Secure as your SentinelOne implementation partner guarantees an ally dedicated to strengthening your cybersecurity. Our partnership with SentinelOne provides precise, customized setups and extensive support, ensuring efficient protection for your critical assets. Experience top-tier security with CLI Secure, where innovation meets expertise.

Tailored Implementation and Robust Support

  • Expert Configuration: CLI Secure’s cybersecurity experts ensure that SentinelOne’s solutions are perfectly configured to meet your unique needs, maximizing protection while minimizing disruption.
  • Ongoing Education and Support: We provide continuous training and support to help your team stay ahead of the curve, leveraging SentinelOne’s full capabilities.

Proven Industry Excellence

  • Trusted Authority: SentinelOne is recognized by industry leaders like Gartner and has consistently demonstrated superior performance in independent tests by MITRE Engenuity and SE Labs.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: With a 98% satisfaction rate, SentinelOne’s reliability and effectiveness in preventing and responding to threats are proven and trusted globally.

Client Success Stories

Our clients from various industries have experienced enhanced security and operational benefits, including:

  • Immediate Threat Detection: Rapid identification and neutralization of a ransomware attack targeting a leading retail chain, preventing extensive data loss and downtime.

  • Seamless Compliance: Assisting a healthcare provider in meeting stringent HIPAA compliance requirements through robust endpoint protection and risk management strategies.

  • Enhanced Productivity: A financial services institution benefited from reduced system downtime and improved operational efficiency due to effective and swift threat mitigation.
Common Questions

Most Popular Questions About SentinelOne

SentinelOne is a cybersecurity provider that delivers autonomous endpoint protection through its Singularity platform. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent, detect, and respond to threats across all enterprise assets in real time. The platform integrates various forms of defense, including prevention, detection, response, and hunting, to provide robust protection against a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day exploits.

Unlike traditional antivirus software that relies on daily signature updates and reactive methods, SentinelOne uses behavioral AI models to identify and neutralize threats autonomously. This AI-driven approach allows for real-time threat detection and response, providing a proactive security posture. SentinelOne’s platform is designed to adapt and evolve with new threats, thereby offering far more dynamic and comprehensive protection than traditional antivirus solutions.

SentinelOne is capable of detecting and preventing a wide array of threats, including malware, ransomware, spyware, fileless threats, and zero-day exploits. Its AI-driven technology analyzes behaviors in real time to stop threats before they can execute, and its automated response capabilities can mitigate threats immediately, minimizing potential damages.

Yes, SentinelOne is particularly effective in protecting against zero-day exploits. Its behavioral AI does not rely solely on known threat signatures but instead analyzes system behaviors and patterns to detect irregular activities that may indicate a zero-day attack. This capability allows SentinelOne to respond to new and unknown threats effectively.

Yes, SentinelOne’s solutions are scalable and can be tailored to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The platform’s comprehensive coverage and autonomous operation make it ideal for protecting any organization’s endpoints and cloud workloads, regardless of its size.

SentinelOne supports a wide range of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Kubernetes. The specific system requirements can vary based on the operating system:

  • Windows: Windows 7 and later (32 & 64-bit)
  • macOS: OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and later
  • Linux: Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and SUSE among others
  • Kubernetes: Version 1.20 and later
How it works

Transform Your Cybersecurity with CLI Secure and SentinelOne

Join the ranks of secured enterprises that rely on CLI Secure and SentinelOne for comprehensive, AI-powered cybersecurity that not only defends but also adapts and evolves with your needs. By integrating SentinelOne’s advanced MDR solutions, CLI Secure ensures your digital assets are protected under all circumstances.

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