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IT can pose various challenges for companies of all sizes throughout the UK. As a result, we offer SharePoint consultancy services that are specifically customised to your business needs, and are designed to be jargon-free and easy to comprehend. Our aim is to provide solutions that are unique to your business, allowing you to collaborate more effectively, streamline your workflows, and reduce costs.

Our SharePoint consultancy service can be particularly helpful in addressing some of the common IT challenges that businesses face. These challenges may include managing and securing data, maintaining IT infrastructure and systems, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, and keeping up with rapidly evolving technology.

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Expert Microsoft SharePoint Consultants to Help You Boost Collaboration and Productivity.

Let’s Discuss Your Business Goals and Create a Tailored SharePoint Plan To create a successful SharePoint plan, we start by understanding your unique business needs. We recognise that no two businesses are alike, so it’s essential for us to work with you to develop a tailored plan. Our process begins with a workshop where we demonstrate the various possibilities that SharePoint offers. We’ll then delve into your plans and vision for your business, examining what you have in place and identifying any gaps or areas of improvement.

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Microsoft SharePoint
Version tracking

Track document versions effortlessly with SharePoint. This is especially helpful when multiple employees are working on the same file. Our consultancy services can help you maximise this feature for smoother collaboration and better document management.

Microsoft SharePoint
Central Location

SharePoint makes it easy for multi-site organisations to operate by providing a centralised location for all employees to store and access documents. Our SharePoint consultancy services can help you set up and optimise your document management system for increased efficiency and collaboration.

Microsoft SharePoint
Improved Communication.

With SharePoint, you can create personal profiles for employees to enhance communication and foster cross-team relationships by showcasing their interests, job function, and who they work with.

Microsoft SharePoint
Anytime, anywhere, any device.

Accessing files from anywhere with an internet connection supports the trend of remote and flexible work, allowing employees to work from any location.

Microsoft SharePoint
Ease of access

Many users find it easier to access files on the go, without the need to connect to VPNs or remote desktop sessions which can be slow and clunky..

Microsoft SharePoint
Everything in Cloud

By storing files in the cloud, businesses can achieve greater resilience as they no longer rely on hardware availability in their server rooms. Additionally, cloud-based solutions offer features such as version control, backups, and access controls, allowing businesses to have greater control over who can access, edit, and delete different files.

Reasons Why Organisations Use SharePoint

  • Collaboration: SharePoint serves as a shared workspace for teams to collaborate and share documents, especially useful for remote and offsite employees.
  • Alternative to file servers: SharePoint is increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional server-based file servers.
  • Intranet functionality: SharePoint can be configured to act as an intranet, with a branded company page that acts as a dashboard with news, calendar, and events.
  • Low cost: SharePoint comes as standard with Office 365, making it a low-cost option for intranet services.
  • Powerful search functionality: SharePoint has a powerful search functionality that allows employees to easily locate files from anywhere in the application.
  • Environmentally friendly: SharePoint allows files to be shared and opened digitally, reducing the need for printing and paper waste.
Excellence Microsoft SharePoint Support

Benefits of our SharePoint consulting services

By utilising our SharePoint consulting services, businesses can experience the benefits of a migration project, which allows them to overcome the limitations of traditional file storage and communication methods. This results in the creation of a centralised hub that can support and align with your overall business objectives.

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Our expertise covers a wide range of Microsoft-related areas, such as offering consultation and assistance specifically for SharePoint.

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Our support team is committed to using simple and understandable language, ensuring that all employees, regardless of their technical background, can receive the assistance they require.

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We offer expert support from our team, available whenever you need it, and in a language that's easy to understand.

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We are London base, and the engineering team means we are there for you-quickly.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform that allows teams to share and manage content from anywhere. It can benefit your business by improving collaboration, increasing productivity, and streamlining workflows.

As Microsoft SharePoint Consultants, we offer a range of services, including SharePoint migration, customisation, development, training, and support.

We can help your business migrate to Microsoft SharePoint by analysing your current environment, developing a migration plan, and executing the migration with minimal disruption to your operations.

Yes, we can customise Microsoft SharePoint to fit your specific business needs, including custom workflows, templates, and user interfaces.

Yes, we offer Microsoft SharePoint training to users, including administrator and end-user training, to ensure your team can use SharePoint effectively.

We provide comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint support, including troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, and ongoing technical support to ensure your SharePoint environment runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Our flexible IT support packages can be tailored to fit businesses of all sizes, whether you need basic monitoring or a comprehensive IT management solution.

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Let us handle everything else

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