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We offer the most optimal connectivity solution for your business at highly competitive prices in the market. We have direct partnerships with over 50 internet providers across the UK, and our team of highly skilled experts will assist you in selecting the most appropriate product and service for your needs. Alongside leased line internet services, we also offer additional solutions such as redundant internet services, GEA/EoFTTC, Fibre Flex Leased Line, Ethernet First Mile, Point-to-Point Leased Line, and SD-WAN services. Moreover, our team closely monitors line capacity and SLA status 24/7, and in the event of any disruptions, they promptly notify the provider and ensure the fastest resolution to the issue. As a result, we guarantee a reliable and uninterrupted internet experience for your business.
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    Get ready for the future with lightning-fast Leased Line Internet.

    At CLI Secure, our Leased Line Compare services collaborate with top-tier providers to provide your business with dedicated internet access that aligns with your preferred upload and download speeds. Discover a variety of leased line speed options that our knowledgeable team can equip your company with, as highlighted below:

    Fibre Ethernet Leased Line

    We offer the finest connectivity solution for your business at the most competitive prices available in the market.

    from /monthly + VAT
    GEA / EoFTTC

    Get the most affordable solution for a dedicated leased line and secure connection with speeds of up to 19Mbps.

    from /monthly + VAT
    Fibre Flex Leased Line

    Leased line product that promises a minimum of 200Mb symmetrical speeds and a burstable bandwidth of 1GB?

    from /monthly + VAT
    Ethernet First Mile

    Ideal for situations where a full fibre Ethernet connection is not available.

    from /monthly + VAT
    Point-to-Point Leased Line

    Do you require a secure and fast connection to link multiple locations?

    from /monthly + VAT

    Minimize your network expenses with SD-WAN.

    from /monthly + VAT

    Fibre Ethernet Leased Line

    Fibre Ethernet leased lines provide the most reliable and high-speed dedicated connectivity solution for businesses. With an end-to-end fibre infrastructure, it delivers unparalleled speeds and reliability that no other connectivity product can match.

    If your business needs to have complete control over its connectivity and requires a connection that can handle the most demanding and data-heavy applications with ease, a full fibre Ethernet leased line is the perfect choice. It’s the preferred option for businesses where any loss of service would have a major financial or operational impact.

    With speeds of up to 10Gbps and ultra-low latency, Fibre Ethernet leased lines can handle multiple users and a wide range of data-intensive applications, such as VoIP systems, large file transfers, and heavy streaming. It is suitable for offices of all sizes and available to businesses in almost any location, even if fibre is not yet available in your area.

    To ensure uninterrupted service, Fibre Ethernet leased lines are the most reliable connectivity solution available. However, for businesses that cannot afford any downtime, a leased line failover can be installed to guarantee continuous connectivity.

    What is a GEA / EoFTTC Leased Line?

    GEA and EoFTTC may sound complex, but they offer affordable and dedicated internet connectivity for businesses. By utilizing existing copper or fiber cables, your business is connected to the nearest green street cabinet. Then, a dedicated Ethernet over fiber leased line carries your data to the core network, providing guaranteed symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 19Mbps, along with unlimited data usage.

    With an uncontended connection, your leased line is dedicated to your data, increasing security and reducing lag and latency. In essence, Ethernet over Fiber to the Cabinet is a high-speed, hybrid solution that offers businesses Ethernet-like speed and bandwidth at a cost-effective business broadband price point.

    Ideal for small businesses, Ethernet over FTTC offers rapid connectivity, typically within 10 days, while GEA provides high-speed, low-latency connectivity. Both solutions offer the benefits of dedicated fiber connectivity, but at a more affordable price. 

    If your business has up to 20 users and you’re looking for a cost-effective way to enjoy dedicated Ethernet over fiber leased line capabilities, consider GEA or Ethernet over FTTC for Business.

    Fibre Flex Leased Line

    A Fibre Flex leased line is a high-speed internet connection that provides burstable capacity at no extra cost. It offers guaranteed minimum symmetrical speeds of 200Mbps, with the option to burst up to 1Gbps during periods of high demand. It is a popular choice among businesses due to its lower cost compared to other leased line services. Fibre Flex is currently available in 29 cities in the UK, with plans to expand to 60 locations in the future. The Fibre Flex network uses the GPON shared fibre network, but customers will only share the network with a small number of other customers, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity.

    Ethernet First Mile Explained

    Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a connectivity solution that uses multiple copper wires to connect a business directly to the Ethernet core network, providing a dedicated and uncontended internet connection with ultra-low latency and high service availability with fully symmetrical bandwidth. EFM is an ideal solution for home offices and small businesses in areas where fibre Ethernet is either not currently available or would be too costly to install. It offers UK businesses a cost-effective way to access high-capacity connectivity at speeds of up to 35Mbps without committing financially to full fibre Ethernet connectivity. The term “first mile” refers to the distance between a business premises and the exchange or cabinet, which is usually covered using multiple copper wires in an EFM circuit. EFM is ideal for businesses that need real-time applications such as video conferencing and want to invest in a VoIP phone system.

    Point-to-Point Leased Line​

    Point-to-Point leased lines provide dedicated connectivity between multiple sites, allowing businesses to ensure both reliability and security of their network connectivity without internet access. These connections can be established using either copper wires or fibre Ethernet and offer symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps. With no contention, businesses can enjoy increased security and faster speeds, making it an ideal solution for using high-bandwidth applications such as voice and video, as well as accessing and storing applications from the cloud.

    SD-WAN Explained

    SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area networking. It is a technology that allows businesses to manage their entire network remotely from a single dashboard, making it easier to control and manage multiple locations. Compared to traditional WAN deployments, SD-WAN offers benefits such as higher capacity bandwidth, centralised management, multiple connection types, network visibility, increased security, cloud usage, and reduced costs. The main difference between WAN and SD-WAN is that WAN is a physical network while SD-WAN separates the management of the network from the physical infrastructure, improving agility, visibility, and scalability without adding management overhead or adversely impacting available bandwidth.

    Most Popular Questions

    FTTP broadband stands for Fiber-to-the-Premises broadband. It is a full fiber cable technology that connects directly from the exchange to your premises, providing faster and more reliable internet speeds compared to traditional copper-based technology.

    You can expect download speeds of up to 1Gbps with our FTTP broadband services. This means that you can download large files quickly and experience seamless streaming and gaming.

    Yes, FTTP broadband is future-proof. It provides a reliable and fast internet connection that prepares you for the 2025 PSTN withdrawal. It also eliminates the signal loss caused by distance or environmental changes, making it more reliable than traditional copper-based technology.

    Our Single Order product simplifies the installation process by eliminating the need for WLR or dual orders. This means that you don’t have to deal with multiple service providers or go through multiple installation processes.

    Yes, you can easily overlay additional IP services, such as VoIP, to your FTTP broadband for added convenience and flexibility.

    Yes, FTTP broadband is perfect for remote working. It offers low latency, which means you can experience a fast and reliable internet connection without slowdowns. This makes it ideal for online activities that require a fast and reliable connection, such as video conferencing and file sharing.

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