The Benefits Of Using Our Microsoft Sharepoint Consultancy

When investing in any software or platform, you want to ensure you get maximum value from your investment.

In order to thrive, all businesses need to keep up with the latest technology and learn how to use the most powerful tools available. All too often companies rely on outdated software which no longer serves their needs. 

If you’re introducing Microsoft Sharepoint to your business, or wish to make more of the platform, our experienced consultants can help. 

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most powerful platforms available for your business, enabling you to collaborate and manage documents with ease. First released by Microsoft in 2001 and designed as a document management and storage system, it has evolved significantly with regular updates and better versions.


How can Microsoft Sharepoint help my business?

SharePoint serves as a web-based platform for creating intranet portals, document management systems, collaboration spaces and websites. It integrates with Microsoft Office suite and provides various features for managing and sharing documents, content, and information within an organisation.

It is available in various different editions including:

  • SharePoint Server (on-premises deployment)
  • SharePoint Online (cloud-based service as part of Office 365/Microsoft 365).

Our consultancy can help you make the most of the great range of features Microsoft Sharepoint offers.

This platform has a wealth of features that include document libraries, lists, workflows, versioning, search capabilities, business intelligence integration, social collaboration tools, or customisable web parts.

One of the benefits of SharePoint is that it integrates easily with other Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive. This integration allows users to access, share, and collaborate on documents and content across various Microsoft platforms.

CLI Secure can help you customise the platform to meet your requirements. 

SharePoint allows plenty of customisation to tailor the platform according to the specific needs of your company. We’re able to help with any aspect of this, whether it’s creating custom workflows, forms and site templates, or advising on applications using SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, or third-party tools.

The platform offers robust security features including access control, permissions management, encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), and compliance tools to ensure data protection and regulatory compliance. However, if needed, we can help to implement further security measures. 

Another advantage is it provides mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, enabling users to access and collaborate on content from anywhere, anytime.

IT support

Did you know that SharePoint serves as a development platform for building custom solutions and applications?

Developers can use SharePoint Framework (SPFx), SharePoint Designer, and various APIs (such as REST, CSOM, and JSOM) to extend SharePoint’s capabilities and integrate it with other systems. If you need help doing this, our consultancy is always available to advise you.

Whatever industry or the size of the company, Microsoft Sharepoint can be used in a variety of ways. 

We can help  you navigate all its features, including intranet portals, document management, project collaboration, business process automation, knowledge management, and more.

With our consultancy, you can make the most of this versatile platform and empower your staff, improving collaboration, streamline business processes, and enhance productivity.

What are the common challenges using this platform?

Getting everyone prepared to take up SharePoint and integrate it into their daily workflow can be challenging. Many staff might dislike these kinds of changes to their routine or find the platform overwhelming, especially if they are used to using other tools.

Sharepoint isn’t always the most straightforward platform.

SharePoint can feel complicated, especially for those of us who are not tech-savvy. Navigating through sites, libraries, lists, and permissions can cause bemusement, leading to frustration and unwanted downtime.

While SharePoint offers a high degree of customisation and configuration options. Setting up the platform to meet specific organisational needs can therefore be time-consuming and require consultants with technical expertise.

Another challenge is organising content so it’s suitable for users. 

Designing an effective information architecture within SharePoint is crucial for organising content and ensuring easy access for users. Poorly structured sites and document libraries can lead to confusion and difficulty in finding information.

Managing permissions and access control within SharePoint can be complex, particularly in large organisations with numerous users and groups. Misconfigured permissions can result in security breaches or users being unable to access the information they need.

You might run into performance problems at times.

SharePoint performance can degrade over time, especially in environments with large amounts of data or high user activity. Issues such as slow page load times, search delays, and timeouts can impact user satisfaction and productivity.

Integrating SharePoint with other systems and applications, such as CRM software or third-party tools, can be challenging and may require custom development or third-party solutions.

While SharePoint offers mobile apps and responsive design, the mobile experience may not always be as seamless or feature-rich as the desktop experience, leading to limitations for users who need to access SharePoint on the go.

Ensuring content governance, compliance, and regulatory requirements within SharePoint can be complex. Organisations need to implement policies and procedures for content creation, storage, retention, and disposal to mitigate risks and maintain compliance.

Providing adequate training and support for employees is essential for successful SharePoint adoption. Without proper training, staff may struggle to take full advantage of the platform’s features and capabilities.

Our consultancy can help you address and overcome any of these challenges. We can assist with processes that require careful planning and ongoing support. We’re committed to assisting with training your staff effectively and ensuring smooth adoption throughout the organisation.

What are the benefits of using CLI Secure as your consultancy firm?

Whether you need our team to help with implementing Microsoft SharePoint or optimisation, we can help in a variety of ways. 

For starters, we have unbeatable experience and expertise with this platform. We provide you with professionals who fully understand the platform’s capabilities, best practices, and potential pitfalls. Leveraging their knowledge can streamline the implementation process and ensure optimal configuration.

As aforementioned, we can also help you customise the software to meet your needs. CLI Secure can tailor SharePoint to suit your organisation’s specific needs, whether it’s developing custom workflows, designing intuitive user interfaces, or integrating with other systems.

Get professional help with strategic planning.

Our consultants can assist in developing a strategic roadmap for SharePoint adoption within your organisation. We can help identify key objectives, define your milestones, and establish metrics for success. This strategic guidance ensures that SharePoint aligns with your business goals and maximises its value.

We can also deliver training to make learning this platform easier.

Successful SharePoint implementation requires a learning journey that can take time. Using expert consultants can significantly speed up this process. 

Consultancies can provide training programs tailored to different user groups, from administrators to end-users. By educating your team on SharePoint’s features and functionality, they can promote user adoption and enhance productivity.

Enjoy technical support and maintenance.

After implementation, we can provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services. This includes troubleshooting issues, applying updates and patches, and ensuring system stability. Having access to reliable support can minimise downtime and ensure uninterrupted operation.

We can also provide exceptional support in other areas of your IT infrastructure. 

Meet the latest regulatory requirements.

Consultancies can help ensure that your SharePoint environment meets regulatory compliance requirements and follows best practices for data security. They can implement security controls, encryption mechanisms, and access restrictions to safeguard sensitive information and mitigate risks.

CLI Secure often saves businesses money in the long-run.

While hiring a consultancy involves upfront costs, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Our team will help you avoid common mistakes and become more efficient, reducing the total cost of ownership for your SharePoint implementation.

We can also speed up the deployment process, saving you time and resources.

Adapt to the changing needs of your organisation. 

As your company grows and evolves, the way you need to use SharePoint might change. 

Our consultants can provide guidance on scaling your SharePoint environment to accommodate increasing amounts of data, more staff and changing business requirements. 

Whether your expanding infrastructure, optimising performance, or migrating to newer versions, consultancies can ensure that SharePoint remains aligned with your organisation’s needs.

Using our consultancy for Microsoft SharePoint can help you maximise the benefits of the platform, streamline implementation, and drive long-term success.

Who are we? 

CLI Secure offers a wide range of IT solutions and services, enabling organisations of all sizes to channel the full power of technology. We can improve your business performance and help you make the most of the latest technology, creating smarter digital working environments. 

We’ve worked with many leading companies and brands who have high praise for our services.

Our consultants appreciate that every organisation is unique. We always tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whatever your plans for the year ahead, we want to help you make the most of the latest technology. 

If you’re looking for a Microsoft Sharepoint consultancy don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.